LED Flood Light Chips And Drivers

Make a flashlight, a headlamp or floodlight with this ultra-bright LED. The best way to drive these LEDs is constant current, @ 600 mA .You can also drive it with an Improved Living adjustable power supply that will work great!!!!

If you want to run them off a 12V battery, please get am adjustable voltage booster We will also calculate you resistor needed for other power supply requirements.Please look at our other listings for LED drivers.The LED is very bright, with 1600-1800 Lumens in a 140 degree lambertian pattern.

Compared to most LEDs, you would say this is 600,000 millicandela or 250Watt Halogen light.

Either way, its incredibly bright! The output is a ‘cool’ 6000K pure white, not a ‘warm’ incandescent-looking white.

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