KACO Blueplanet 3KW Single-phase Grid-Tied Inverter

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Kaco new energy has rolled out its new Blueplanet grid tied Inverter series with a
line-up of single–phase, transformerless units. Newly developed the Blueplanet single-phase grid
tied Inverter is light and easy to install fulfilling every requirement expected of modern solar PV
inverters for use in residential PV systems.

 2 wide range MPPTs
 Lightweight and easy to mount
 Convenient AC and DC cabling with plug-in
 Integrated data logger with web server
 Graphical display, intuitive menu navigation
 Optional self use of solar power function
 Peak efficiency greater than 96%
 Natural convection cooling
 IP54 Protection
 5 year warranty

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MPPT Range: 140V-510V

Operating Range: 125V-550V

Min DC Voltage(Starting Voltage): 150V

No-load Voltage: 600V

Max Input Current: 2 x 11A

Number of MPPTs: 2

Max Power/Tracker: 3.5kW

Number of Strings: 2

AC Rated Output: 3000W

Supply Voltage: 208-245V(L1/N/PE)

Rated Current: 13.0A

Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

Cos Phi: 0.30 Inductive/0.30 Capacitive

Number of Grid Phases: 1

Max Efficiency: 96.5%

Night Consumption: 3W

Circuitry Topology: Transformerless

Dimensions (h x w x d): 560 x 367 x 227(mm)

Weight: 16.5kg

All KACO Inverters come with a 5 Year Warranty



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