Low Pressure Solar Geysers

What are Solar Geysers?

Solar Water Heaters are systems for heating water using energy from the sun. Solar energy is collected by a collector and the heat is transferred to ta stored water supply.

What are the benefits of Solar Water Heaters?

Save electricity therefore money!
Solar geysers uses the sun’s energy to heat water and therefore heat water for free. Approximately 40%-60% of the average home energy consumption is spent on heating bath water; therefore using solar geysers will reduce your energy cost by the same percentage. That will amount to thousand of Rands in saving every year.

Solar Geysers are environmentally friendly!
Solar geysers energy source is both renewable and sustainable unlike conventional water heating systems such as electrical or gas water heaters. The average electrical geyser indirectly contributes to thousands of kilos of CO2 released into the atmosphere every year.

Locally manufactured vs. Imported solar geysers

Manufacturing locally as opposed to importing solar geysers has a number of important benefits to clients:

A more flexible and reliable supply line
A higher degree of quality control and workmanship that results in a more comprehensive guarantee and after sales service
Products can be repaired more rapidly and reliably
Price fluctuation is limited since the product costs do not rely directly on foreign exchange rates
Emerging new technology can be adopted relatively faster

System Specification


Water Storage Tank 100 Litre 150 Litre 200 Litre
Type of System Direct Direct Direct
Working Pressure 0kPa 0kPa 0kPa
Type of Collectors Evacuated Tube Evacuated Tube Evacuated Tube
Number of Tubes 15 20 26
Collector Aperture Area 1.27 Meters Squared 1.7 Meters Squared 2.2 Meters Squared
Hail Impact Resistance 30mm 30mm 30mm

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