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  • Compact 12v DC 800L/hr 5m Head Brushless Submersible Water Pump


    12v DC 800L/hr Submersible or External Pump for Hot and Cold Water with 5m Head Height

    NOTE !!! This pump is small, don’t be fooled by its size DC pumps are highly efficient hence the smaller size – It packs a punch and tested to specs below, its called “the little monster”

    This easy to install compact and brushless pump is of high quality and can be used to quietly generate a high pressure and large flow in water.

    – This pump can be powered by a battery, solar panel or 12V DC power supply.
    – A power source is NOT provided with this pump. You will need to connect your own battery, solar panel or 12V DC power supply to the open-ended red (+) and black (-) wires.
    – To achieve maximal output, you must power this pump by a minimum 20W 12v DC source. This pump will still run using a lower source; however, it will not reach its full potential. For instance, if you power the pump with a 10W supply it will still run but only to 50% of its potential.

    This pump has a diverse range of uses:

    Aquarium industry:
    – DIY Auto Top Off.
    – Create extra movement in your sump.
    – Use as an extremely low-powered uplift pump in nano-aquarium applications.

    Automotive industry:
    – This pump can be used for the water coolant of electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, cars and other engines as well as in computer cooling systems.

    Food industry:
    – This pump can be used in dishwashers, electronic refrigerators and for beer, coffee and fruit juice beverages as well as in the cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment.

    Household appliances industry:
    – This pump can be used in water fountains, foot baths, humidifiers, showers, swimming pools and air conditioners as well as for toilet flushing and garden watering purposes.

    Chemical industry:
    – This pump can be used for water separation, water purification and wastewater purification purposes.

    Mechanical systems:
    – This pump can be used for aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and military production.

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