10W Aquamarine Royal Blue Floodlight LED chip

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Make a Camp light, a headlamp or floodlight with this ultra-bright LED. However this is specifically designed for reefkeeping aquariums to ensure optimal coral growth conditions and colour enhancement.

The LED is very bright with a 140 degree lambertian pattern. Compared to most LEDs we found authentic EPISTAR LEDs to be even brighter than CREE, you would say this is a 120 Watt Halogen light.

Either way, its incredibly bright!

The output is a Aquamarine Royal Blue with a 450nm wavelenthth – exactly wht the doctor ordered! The best way to drive these LEDs is at a constant current @ 900mA. Bu you can get away with under-driving for compactness at abouth 9V, so connect it to a 9V Alkaline battery with no resistor for a basic bright lamp.

You can also drive it with an Improved Living adjustable 10.8V power supply, that will work Great!!

If you want to run them off a 12V battery, please ad resistor.We will calculate your resistor needed for other power supply requerements.

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1. Shape: Square
2. Color: Aqua Royal Blue
3. Colour wave length: 450NM
4. Size: 20 x 29.5mm
5. Light source type: High Efficient power led
6. Led chips Qty:1 piece
7. LED Chip Brand: Epistar
8. Forward Current: 900mA
9. Forward Voltage:DC 9.0 – 10.8V
10. Total Power: 10 Watt
11. Colour Rendering Index:>75
12. Beam Angle:140°
13. Working Temperature: -30°C~50°C
14. Life Span: >50,000hrs
15. Ambient Humidity: 10%~95%
16. IP CODE :IP55
17. Safety Certificate: CE/ROHS

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Dimensions 7 × 7 cm


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