20A Digital Solar Regulator 12V/24V Rating | Solar Charge Controller

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Size : 168mm x 92mm x 41.5mm
Net Weight : 320g



System Voltage : 12V/24V
Max. Input Voltage of Solar Panel : 55V
Self-consumption : =12mA
Max. Charge Current : 20A
Max. Discharge Current : 10A 20A
LVD : 11.0VADJ 9V …. 12V; x2 24V
LVR : 12.6VADJ 11V …. 13.5V; x2 24V
Float Voltage : 13.8VADJ 13V …. 15V ; x2 24V
Boost Charging : 14.4V; x2 24V Battery Voltage less than 12V start boost charging 2 hours
Batter Over Voltage Protection : 16.5V ; x2 24V
Reverse Connection Protection : Yes
Load Over Current Protection : Yes, each two minutes restart once
Charge Type : PWM
Temperature Compensation : -24Mv/ °C for 12V system ; x2 24V
Working Temperature : -20°C-+55°C
Terminal Scale : 28-10 AWG
Waterproof grade IP32

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 4 cm


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