45L 3 Way Camping Freezer(Gas, 220V, 12V)

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Interesting Facts
A dual battery system is not required as the 12v function is only used while
Gas or 220V is used when stationary so there is no need for forced drives to charge batteries.

Your freezer
: has 75mm foam insulation which increases your cold hold over time when not switched
on compared to other freezers.
: has no moving parts inside the absorption system which makes repair and maintenance
: is level sensitive hence proper levelling must be done when stationary.
: is proudly manufactured in South Africa.
: is capable of freezing to 44°C below ambient.
Example: -12°C @ 32°C
-20°C @ 20°C
: is capable of freezing 2 kg of water in 24 hours while keeping everything else frozen.
: is equipped with a gas safety valve which will cut the gas flow to the
burner in less than 60 seconds in the event of the burner flame going out.
: will only use between 400 – 500g of gas per 24 hours. A 9 kg gas bottle will last you
approximately 18 – 21 days.
: gas function is ideal for those unforeseen black outs at home.
Your Cooler Box
: has 75mm foam for maximum insulation.
: has a aluminium bin to transfer the cold all around.
: is perfect to keep you meat frozen for those long weekends.

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Packaged dimensions : 525mm (H) x 685mm (W) x 560mm (D)
Physical dimensions : 495mm (H) x 655mm (W) x 530mm (D)
Weight : 28kg
Model – Finish : CF45GES – Stainless Steel
Wattage (W) : 130W
Power consumption / 24h : Gas – 400g (approx)
: Elec – 0.13 Kwh

Energy sources : LP Gas
: 220 Volt
: 12 Volt

Performance : -12°C @ +32°C

Product Information : Electric Thermostat (220 Volt)
: Gas Thermostat (Optional)
: Flame Indicator
: Ignitor
: Gas Safety Valve
: Metal Lock & Catch
: Metal Carry Handles
: Metal Hinges
: Absorption unit covered
: Gas Hose & Regulator

Warranty : 3 Year (South Africa Only)

Approved by The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa.
Conforms to IEC 60335 Electrical Standard.
Price may change slightly due to courier packaging charges.

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 53 × 69 × 56 cm


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