5W LED Downlight with Fitting

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This Homie 5W LED Downlight with Fitting comes with a built-in fitting and is best used for new builds or renovations. It can be titled or angled to adjust the direction of light. It is used as the replacement for the standard 50Watt halogen globe, and is perfect for lounges, dining rooms and even bedrooms. This model comes with five LED lights encased in reinforced glass, surrounded by an aluminium fitting and a driver and transformer – all inclusive!


For the convenience of contractors, wholesalers, architects and families building new homes, we also have the LED down-lights with fittings.

The 5W Downlight with Fitting is perfect for a bright light in your home!

Made with the highest quality LEDs (Samsung chips) and aluminium fittings, the Homie LED Downlight with Fitting makes the brightest possible light from the lowest possible consumption. The 3W 120° LED Downlight with Fitting shines at a wider angle than the others in the LED Downlight with Fittings range; this is accomplished through the innovative use of frosted glass.

The Aluminium fittings and sealed reinforced glass covers make for a damp and dust resistant light, further elongating the life of the LED Downlight with Fitting range. The 3W Downlight with fitting, and the 5W LED Downlight with fitting both come with clear glass and shine at a 45° angle. They both also have a tilt function that allows you to angle the direction of the light as you wish (once fitted in your ceiling).

The 7W Downlight with fitting is much larger and brighter than the others in the range, and are perfect for lighting up higher ceilings or larger rooms without increasing the load on your electricity too much.

All of these products come with the LED bulbs, the fitting (with clips) and the transformer included, while others do have a dimming ability. With the multitude of options come a multitude of selections to be made, hence the varied prices (some even for the same wattage) so please take care you are ordering the lights you need.

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Additional information

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 cm
Beam Angle 45° (Adjustable Axis)
Cut Out Size 90mm Diameter
Housing Silver Aluminium
Rendering Index (CRI) > 70

Additional information

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 cm


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