Araymond Power Snap Fastening & Grounding clip for framed modules and steel structures

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The PowAR Snap – Fastener Clip fits into place on the module frame. Once attached to the module, the four clips simply snap into place on your structural support.

No tools are required for installation, however, a setting tool is available for convenient removal of the fastener from the support.

Fastening and grounding in a single operation.
Up to 5 times faster than a clamp.

Tool-free set up.
Designed for non-qualified workers – allowing minimal training.
Intuitive: the “click” signals the function is complete.
Friendly: no need for climbing on structure, panels can be inserted from underneath the array.



Lower overall costs of the PV installation.
Lower land investment and structure savings thanks to minimized inter module gap: up to 3% more modules per available surface.
Lower maintenance costs: Screw-less, no periodic torque control required.
Hot spot risk reduction for PV modules thanks to elastic mechanical clamping(1).

Conforms to UL STD 2703 (edition 2015)
Tested by accredited laboratories and qualified by major module manufacturers.
High protection against corrosion and lightening.
Grounding continuity of the string preserved when a module is dismounted for maintenance.
Anti-theft designed.

(1) Mechanical shocks and daily thermal cycles often induce micro-cracks within cells, leading to hot spots and power output degradation.


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