100W LED Flood Light S6 220VAC driverless technology

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Product Description
100W LED Flood Light CCR series 6 consisting of an anodized aluminium extruded
housing with an opal UV resistant ultra high impact poly-carbonate cover.
The LED Flood Light is a locally developed OEM product as a good substitute for the
conventional 150 – 250W HID light awarding the user with up to 60% energy cost
savings and extended lifetime benefits.
New CCR driverless technology eliminating the need for third party drivers.
There is 100% output the moment the light is switched on, no warm-up or strike

• Adjustable U-Bracket mounting
• Easy integration for add-on peripherals such as sensors and Smart Monitoring devices

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Specification Summary
 Product : 100W-S6–220V LED Light
 Rated Power : 100W
 Connected Power : 156W
 Input Voltage : 220 – 260VAC
 Power Factor : >0.9
 Power consumption : 470mA @ 230 VAC
 Light output : 10300 lumens
 Colour : Cool White, Neutral White or Warm White
 CRI : >80
 LED Technology : Osram LED
 IP Rating : IP65
 Rated Lifetime : > 70 000 HRS
 Beam Angle : 50° vertical x 150° horizontal
 Weight : 3 Kg
 Dimensions : 350mm x 175mm x 100mm

In the unlikely event of a component failure, The light will not go into a
flashing state – the light has 1 in 5 redundancy, meaning that only 20% of
the light will be affected.
If the light is subject to an excessive surge, the complete light will be
affected if the surge protection is damaged.

Surge and Lightning
Replaceable Fuse


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 18 × 10 cm


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