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The Fronius Symo inverter series has been specially developed for the demands of the North American market. Available in power categories from 10 to 24 kW, the transformerless device is the perfect three-phase inverter for commercial systems of any size. With a high system voltage, wide input voltage range and two MPP trackers, it guarantees maximum flexibility in system design. A WLAN or Ethernet internet connection as standard plus easy integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most communicative inverters on the market. Standard equipment also includes a built-in arc detector (AFCI = Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter), in keeping with all other North American SnapINverters.

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Category: Inverters



Number of MPPT 2,0
Recommended PV Power (kWp) 10.0 – 16,0 kWp
Max. usable input current 25,0 / 16,5 A
Max. usable input current total (MPPT1 + MPPT2)
41,5 A
Max. array short circuit current (1.5 * Imax)
37,5 / 24,8 A
Operating voltage range
200 – 1000 V
MPP Voltage Range
350 – 800 V
Max. input voltage
1000,0 V
Integrated DC string fuse holders NA


Max. output power 480 V 12495 VA
Max. output power 240 V NA
Max. output power 208 V NA
Output configuration
3~ NPE Delta 480 V
Frequency range 45 -65 Hz
Nominal operating frequency 60,0 Hz
Total harmonic distortion < 1,5 %
Power factor range
0 – 1 ind./cap.
Max continuous output current 480 V 15,0 A
Max. continuous output current 240 V NA
Max. continuous output current 208 V NA
OCPD/AC breaker size 480 V 20 A
OCPD/AC breaker size 240 V NA
OCPD/AC breaker size 208 V NA
Max. efficiency 98,1 %
CEC efficiency 480 V 97,0 %
CEC efficiency 240 V NA
CEC efficiency 208 V NA


Dimension (width) 511,0 mm
Dimension (height) 724,0 mm
Dimension (depth) 226,0 mm
Weight 34,79 kg
Protection class NEMA 4X
Night time consumption < 1 W
Inverter topology Transformerless
Cooling Variable speed fan
Elevation 2000 m (6560 ft) with a max. input voltage of 1000 V / 3400 m (11160 ft) with a max. input voltage of 850 V
Certificates and compliance with standards UL 1741-2010 Second Edition (incl. UL1741 Supplement SA 2016-09 for California Rule 21 and Hawaiian Electric Code Rule 14H), UL1998 (for functions: AFCI, RCMU and isolation monitoring), IEEE 1547-2003, IEEE 1547a-2014,  IEEE 1547.1-2003, ANSI/IEEE C62.41, FCC Part 15 A & B, NEC 2017 Article 690, C22. 2 No. 107.1-16, UL1699B Issue 2 -2013, CSA TIL M-07 Issue 1 -2013
DC connection terminals 6x DC+ and 6x DC- screw terminals for copper (solid / stranded / fine stranded) or aluminium (solid / stranded)
AC connection terminals Screw terminals 14-6 AWG



USB (A socket) Datalogging and inverter update possible via USB
2x RS422 (RJ45 socket) Fronius Solar Net
Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Serial / Datalogger and webserver Wireless standard 802.1 1 b/g/n / Fronius Solar.web, SunSpec Modbus TCP, JSON / SunSpec Modbus RTU — Available with the Fronius Datamanager 2.0 Card only
6 inputs and 4 digital I/Os Load management; signaling, multipurpose I/O – Available with the Fronius Datamanager 2.0 Card only

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Weight 34.7 kg
Dimensions 22.6 × 51.1 × 72.4 cm


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