Sirius Super Capacitor 3.55kwh 48vdc

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Kilowatt Labs’ supercapacitor based energy storage, Sirius, is the first supercapacitor based storage system that delivers deep cycle discharge, long duration discharge as well as fast charge / short discharge, along with all the inherent advantages supercapacitors have over conventional chemical batteries.

Currently only available in the 48v version with 12v and 24v arriving soon.

Fast Charging

Eliminates the Need for Large Battery Banks

The Sirius battery can be charged in less than 30 seconds without affecting cycle life. This feature delivers significant advantages in a wide range of deployments such as in electric vehicles or utility grade frequency regulation.

An infrastructure of fast-charging stations eliminates the need for large battery banks with extended range. Fast-charging of the Sirius provides utilities with real time response capability to frequency regulation.

Current Control and Stabilizing Circuit

Increases Energy Density and Operating Voltage

Sirius’ proprietary algorithm-based balancing, charging and control circuit actively balances and stabilizes the system, delivers deep cycle and long duration discharge and specific energy of 115 Wh/kg. Therefore, in addition to standard fast charge / discharge usage, the Sirius storage system can be deployed at industry voltage, in applications requiring deep cycle discharge including electric vehicles.

High Efficiency

Lowers Capital Cost by Reducing the Number Of Batteries

With a Depth-of-Discharge (DOD) of 100% and round-trip efficiency of 99.1%, the Sirius batteries delivered and rated capacity are almost the same, allowing for a significant reduction in the number of batteries required when compared to systems utilizing chemical batteries, thereby lowering capital investment.

Cycle Life

Lower Cost of Ownership

The cycle life of the Sirius storage system is 1 million cycles at 100% DOD with negligible capacity fade and impact of charge / discharge rates. Combined with very low maintenance requirements, Sirius delivers power and energy at an unmatched cost per cycle.

Temperature Tolerance

Enables Usage in Most Environments

With a temperature tolerance range that is higher than most chemical batteries, the Sirius battery can be deployed in extremely harsh environments without cooling or heating, resulting in less oversight and maintenance.

Charge Retention Circuit

A charge retention circuit controls a small percentage of embedded Li Ion to supply current to reduce charge leakage and increase self-discharge time to 14 days.


These units can be paralleled to increase the total storage capacity



Technical Specifications 


Core Module Nominal Voltage 48VDC
Voltage Range 44VDC – 56VDC
Capacity 3550wh
Charge Rate: SOC 0% – 100% @-30⁰C to 85⁰C 3.55kW (74A) 60 min.
7.1kW (148A) 30 min.
Maximum Discharge Rate: 100% – 0% SOC @-30⁰C to 85⁰C 74A 30 min.
Internal Resistance ≤3mΩ
Charging Voltage 56VDC
Terminal Terminal F12
Container Material Aluminum
Dimensions 600mm x 490mm x 330mm
Weight Approx. 75kg
DC-DC Roundtrip efficiency 0.991
Self-discharge 5% after 25 days
30% after 30 days
80% after 60 days
Self-discharge only when not charging or discharging No memory effect
Module can be recharged to 100% at any time
Storage Can be stored at any SOC for as long as required without affecting cycle life
Temperature Operating Temperature -30⁰C to 85⁰C – No Degradation
Storage Temperature -10⁰C to 27⁰C for less than 2 years
Life -10⁰C to 45⁰C for less than 6 months
Cycle Life (at 27⁰C)
Shelf Life (at 27⁰C) 10 years
Calendar Life 45 years
Communication Remote Control Input Battery self-check
Monitoring Temperature, Voltage, Current, Balancing, Energy
Computer Monitoring Port TCP/IP RJ45 Ethernet
Capacitor Management Circuit Cell Balancing Active single cell balancing
Voltage Monitoring ±1% @ 1 sample per second
Temperature Monitoring
Low Voltage Disconnect
Overcharge Disconnect
Overcurrent Disconnect
Reverse Polarity Disconnect
Auxiliary Power Self-powered DC
  • Operating temperature range -30C to 85C
  • No capacity degradation or cycle reduction at 100% DOD
  • 99% + DC-to-DC round-trip efficiency
  • Medium and long duration discharge capability
  • Charge/discharge at 2C with no effect on cycle life or capacity
  • Safe with no risk of thermal runway or heat generation
  • 10-year waranty

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 60 × 49 × 33 cm


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