SmartPower48100 High energy, 5U rack-mount lithium-ion battery system

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SmartPower 48100 has been designed to provide
power backup for remote or outside telecom
plants like Access Terminals, Base Transceiver
Stations, Base Station Controllers. They are also
suitable to provide bulk power in Central Offices.
This “all included” stand-alone battery system now
providesthe benefits of Sacred Sun Li-ion
technology in a qualified industrial design:
SmartPower provides maintenance-free energy
storage in a reduced volume, combining high
operationalreliability with outstanding life
time under the most difficult environmental
Nominal Characteristics
SmartPower 48100



  • Nominal Characteristics
    SmartPower 48100
     Integrated 48 V system containing 4.8 kWh
    of energy
     Parallell operation, for scalability
     Energy density of 123 Wh/dm3,surpassing
    most advanced VRLA designs
     State of charge and state of health indication
     Built-in battery control for efficient
     Redundantsafety
     Comprehensive communication
     Compatible with standard telecom rectifiers
     Increased energy in given space
     Easy installation and upscaling
     High operational reliability
     Optimized supervision strategy through
    remote control/diagnostic
     Very long life time
     Preventive but not premature replacement
    at end of life
    Nominal Voltage (V) 48
    Typical Capacity (Ah) 100
    Typical Energy (Wh) 4800
    Volumetric energy density (Wh/dm3) 123
    Gravimetric energy density (Wh/kg) 87
    Mechanical Characteristics
    Width (mm) 442(19’’)
    Height (mm) 220(5U)
    Depth (mm) 400
    Weight (Kg) 55
    Electrical Characteristics
    Voltage Window 40.5 to 54.0
    Charge voltage range (V) 53.25 to 54.0
    Max. permanent discharge current (A) 50
    Recharge time (h) 11
    Faradic charge efficiency (+20°C ) 99%
    Operation Conditions
    Cycle life (80% dod; +25°C ) 3500 cycles
    Operating temperature –20°C~+60°C
    Storage temperature –20°C~+40°C
    Transportation regulation compliance UN 38.3
    EMC standard compliance EN 61 000 chapter 6-2 and 6-3
    Safety standard compliance at battery level designed to meet IEC 60 950
    Certification designed to meet CE/UL1640
    Protection class IP20
    Functional characteristics
    LiFePO4 Li-ion technology
    SmartPower 48100 contains cells with advanced
    LiFePO4 lithium-ion technology:
     Outstanding calendar and cycle life and
    reliability at high temperature
     Industrial production for high
    tech-applications such as space & defense,
    electric vehicles, robots, etc.
     Stable internal resistance over entire life
     High reliability by using high capacity cells:
    avoids massive cell paralleling within a 48 V
    Control for efficient operation
     On/Off switch
     Active/Sleep (storage, prolonged outage)
    /Alarm modes
     Charge/Discharge management
     Cell balancing
    Mechanical & electrical interface
     19 inches, 5U rack-mount design
     Industrial standard terminals on front panel
    The battery system informs the user and the
    application, via visual communication by LEDs on
    front panel. In the same time, the supervision can
    be done through RS232.
    The data available are:
     State of charge, state of health
     Alarm level (minor, major); alarm reason
     Operating conditions (voltage, temperature,
    identification number)
    Redundantsafety design to cope with component
    failure or abusive conditions:
     At battery system level: electronic board,
    reversible protection, separate power
    switches in charge and discharge circuit
     At cell pack level: electronic board,
    individual cell voltage monitoring
     At cell level: shutdown-effect separator,
    mechanical vent & current breaker
    Industrial vision
    SmartPower has been developed and qualified to suit the demanding
    requirements of performance and operational reliability telecom OEM’s and
    operators, who are manufacturing or operating high-value, industrial
    SmartPower is made of proven components (cells, electronics) which are
    also employed in demanding space, automotive and other civil applications.
    Cell manufacturing is carried out on established industrial production lines.
    Manufacturing plants comply with the legislation in force in each country
    and with international quality standards(ISO 9001 and 14001).
    Sustainable design
    The whole life cycle of SmartPower 48100 is
    considered closely during all phases of
    development, from manufacturing to industrial
    operations and recycling. For its advanced design,
    SmartPower is friendly to environment and
    consumes less energy compared with the VRLA
    Batteries which have same capacity.

Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 400 × 442 × 220 cm


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