Solar Alarm Lamp.

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Product Instrucation.

  1. The Product is suitable for outdoor use, IP 65 Waterproof, energy saving environmental protection/safety.
  2. Applicable for home, farm,Orchard, construction sites and other places requiring a security alarm.
  3. 5-8 Meters sensing distance, sensing angle 110 degrees, 110 desebel alarm and 1000 m visible flash light.
  4. All day 24H sound alarm mode and silent flash mode. Night 12h sound alarm mode and silent flash mode.
  5. 30 Days long standby working time, An average daily sun charging of 1 hour can keep it working for 1 day.
  6. Easy installation and can be used in any outdoor environment.
  7. Solar energy rechargeable lithium battery ensures the product can be recycled for a long time.

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Category: 12V Products


Infrared Induction.


MODE 1# All day 24h with sound alarm mode.

MODE 2# All day 24h woth out sound alarm mode.

MODE 3# Night time 12h with sound alarm mode.

MODE 4# Night time 12h with out sound alarm mode.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm


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