Synapse 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (Backup and PUS Pure Sine Wave Pwer Inverter for Load Shedding)

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The SYNAPSE Solar pure sine wave series is designed to work and protect PC equipment and serves as a backup device in extremely hostile power environments where other UPS simply cannot operate. An extra wide input AVR conserves battery for added security. Includes a multi-stage surge suppressor which can protect from surges and spikes. Available in 600W and 1000W versions. These units are powered / charged from the utility / grid only.


  • Pure sine wave output
  • Smart LCD setting ( frequency , charge voltage, charge current, etc).
  • 3 steps charging algorithm
  • Built in AVR function
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Battery reverse polarity protection (Optional)
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Cold start function


Default Battery System Voltage      24V DC


Inverter Output

Rated Power                                    1000W

Surge Rating (20ms)                       3000W

Waveform                                        Pure Sine Wave

Rated Output Voltage                      Inverter: 230V AC (+/-2% RMS), AVR: 195V AC – 245V AC

Output Frequency                            50Hz / 60Hz +/-0,2Hz

Inverter Eficiency (Peak)                 >81%

Bypass Eficiency                             >95%

Output Transfer Time                      Typical: 6ms 10ms (Max.)



Minimum Start Voltage                    Low Battery Voltage Cutoff +0,5V

Low Battery Alarm                           Low Battery Voltage Cutoff +1V

Low Battery Cutoff                           20 – 24V DC

High Battery Cutoff                          Nominal Voltage +1V


Ac Charge

Floating Voltage                               27 / 27,2 / 27,4V DC

Nominal Voltage                               27,6 ~ 29V

Maximum Charge Current               1000W



Bypass & Protection

Input Waveform                               Pure Sine Wave

Input Frequency                               50Hz or 60Hz

Low Frequency Trip                         45+ / -0,2Hz

Low Frequency Trip                         65+ / -0,2Hz

Overload Protection                         110% ~ 125% R Load fault after 30S 125% ~ 150% R Load    fault after 3s >150% R Load fault after 500ms

Over Temperature Protection         >90oC

Bypass Output Protection               10A 250V AC

Output Circuit protection                 YES


Mechanical Specification

Dimensions                                     385 x 325 x 190mm

(N.W) kg                                          1000W


Shipping Dimensions                      420 x 385 x 225mm

(W x H x D)

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Surge Plug Supplied with inverter

Additional information

Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 42 × 38.5 cm


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